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If you are residing in California and have purchased or leased a truck, you are covered by the California Lemon Law. The California Lemon Law is applicable for non-perishable goods. Trucks, whether bought for personal or business purposes, are covered under the California Lemon Law. A vehicle may be declared as a Lemon if it has defects which could not be repaired, despite repeated repair attempts.

At the Braff Accident Law Offices, we know that to declare a truck as a lemon, it must also fulfill other criteria. You must get in touch with our qualified Trucks Lemon Law lawyers in Thousand Oaks if your truck is not working, even after three or four repair attempts, and it is still under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

How Does a Truck Qualify as a Lemon?

Any truck that you purchase or lease in California for personal, family or household use, may qualify as a Lemon but you must prove:

Does My Truck Qualify as a Lemon If I Use It for Business Purposes?

The Braff Accident Law Offices understands that it is a common question that bothers many truck owners in California because they use their trucks for business purposes. You must know that the California Lemon Law covers business trucks as well, provided the following conditions are satisfied.

So, you do not have to worry even if you have bought or leased a truck for business purposes. If you think that your vehicle may be a Lemon, seek advice from our team of Trucks Lemon Law lawyers in Thousand Oaks.

Can the Manufacturer Deny My Truck Lemon Claim?

At the Braff Accident Law Offices, we know that denial of Lemon claims by the manufacturer is common in California. Manufacturers usually do not accept that they have sold a faulty vehicle to their customers. The common reasons of claim denial are:

If you want to avoid claim denial, you must speak with an experienced Trucks Lemon Law lawyer in Thousand Oaks. The lawyers at the Braff Accident Law Offices will ensure that the Lemon claim is made with relevant documents and evidence, and there is no scope for the manufacturer to deny your claim.

Nonconformities of Your Truck

There are certain conditions that your truck must meet to qualify as a lemon under California Lemon Law. The most important deciding factors are the type of defects, and whether adequate repair attempts were made to get your truck’s defects fixed. If the defects or nonconformities compromise the safety, use, and value of the truck, it is declared as a Lemon.

If you identify any of these problems in your vehicle, you must stop using it and immediately get in touch with an experienced Trucks Lemon Law lawyer at the Braff Accident Law Offices in Thousand Oaks.

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act

California Lemon Law is a combination of two laws. One of them is the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act or California Civil Code. According to this law, you can get legal coverage in California if you purchase or lease a defective vehicle. According to California Lemon Law, you are entitled to get a refund for a Lemon vehicle. The manufacturer must give you a refund or replace it with the same make and model. But you must prove that the truck is a lemon according to the guidelines stated in the California Lemon Law.

Not all defects in your vehicle will qualify as a lemon. To qualify, your truck must be under the original Manufacturer’s Warranty. It must have been taken to the repair shop for dealership repair, and it must have been kept in the repair shop for a certain number of days.

Talk with a Trucks Lemon Law lawyer in Thousand Oaks, with the Braff Accident Law Offices, to know how to proceed if your vehicle is a Lemon, so that you get the compensation you deserve. Many consumers get worried because they feel that their Lemon Law claim may get denied, as their situation does not exactly match the jargon of California Lemon Law. But there is nothing to worry about when you have our qualified and experienced Lemon Law lawyers with you.

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I was stuck in a lease and had no idea what to do. After a quick online search I found out about the lemon law. I called up Braff and they were able to help me with everything. They always got back to me quickly and never hesitated to answer my questions.

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I have used Braff Legal Group before to help me with a lemon law issue and they were very helpful. I called them up and they were able to answer all my questions on the phone. The process of working with them was very straightforward, which was perfect for me because I am not good with filling out legal documents.

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When your vehicle qualifies as a Lemon your manufacturer must:

There is a statute of limitation on Lemon Law claims in California. The time limit is four years. If you do not file the claim within the stipulated time, your Lemon claim may get dismissed. Your lawyer will ask for relevant documents and negotiate with the manufacturer to build a strong case in your favor.

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