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Buying a new commercial truck is enticing. You have the chance to go on long-haul trips, haul your business products, and get paid for it. However, if you find yourself stuck with major mechanical problems or malfunctions, you may be wondering what rights you have under the State or Federal Lemon Laws. These laws exist to protect consumers from being sold defective items that don’t work as advertised. And since trucks can fail in many ways and for many reasons, meeting the requirements for a Lemon Lawsuit might be more likely than you realize.

When Does a Truck Qualify as a Lemon?

In California, a vehicle is considered a “Lemon” if the owner or operator of the vehicle is unable to register the vehicle due to excessive repair problems. A truck can qualify as a lemon if it has been in for repairs at least four times, and one of those repairs required more than 30 days to complete. The truck must also have been out of service for at least 30 days in total during the first two years of ownership, or 15 days during the second two years of ownership.

Here are Some Reasons Why Your Truck May Not Qualify as a Lemon

The defect was caused by a user error. It may not qualify as a lemon if you were involved in an accident or had other issues while operating the vehicle. For example, if your brakes stopped working after hitting a pothole while driving on rough terrain, this would likely not qualify as a defect that could be considered dangerous or unsafe.

You did not follow the manufacturers’ maintenance instructions. Manufacturers will tell you how often you need to bring your vehicle back into their service center for maintenance checks and repairs. If you ignore these recommendations and take longer than recommended between service appointments, this can result in denying your claim, since it leads to further damage on your part.

If your truck qualifies as a lemon, you should be able to return it for a full refund or replacement vehicle from the manufacturer. You should also be able to get compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses associated with owning that vehicle.

The Following are Common Problems That Can Occur in a Truck

Even though trucks are built with extreme care and attention to detail, there are still a few common defects that can occur during the assembly process.

When a vehicle is assembled, the assembly line workers may not have the required skills to do their job. This can result in poor quality and/or faulty equipment, causing safety issues and defects. Another possible reason for manufacturing defects is a lack of quality control during production. This means that some parts of the vehicle might be defective, or of poor quality, which could lead to an accident. Listed are some common problems:

Reasons Manufactures May Deny a Truck Lemon Claim

If you have a truck in and out of the shop more than a few times, you might be eligible for a Lemon Law claim. However, many people are denied these claims by manufacturers because they do not meet the strict requirements set forth by these laws. To qualify for this type of claim, your vehicle must:

The manufacturer will attempt to show that the repairs made were not covered under warranty or were too minor to warrant taking the vehicle in on multiple occasions. They may also try to argue that other factors contributed to the problems with your vehicle, such as environmental factors, or previous damage that was fixed during routine maintenance visits. If they can prove this, they do not have to take responsibility for repairing your vehicle under the Lemon Law policy.

In other words, if you have a defective, new, vehicle that has been poorly maintained and abused, it will not be considered a Lemon under Federal law. However, if you have an older, used, vehicle that has been well maintained, but still has problems, there’s a good chance that your claim will be denied, based on misuse or negligence by the owner.

Talk to Expert Lemon Law Attorneys

When you buy a new commercial vehicle from a dealership or a private seller, you expect the best possible quality. You want your new truck to be reasonably reliable and safe for you and other drivers on the road. However, sometimes truck defects can occur, causing serious problems with your vehicle. In these cases, our Hayward Truck Lemon Law attorney may be able to help.

The Lemon Law attorneys at the Braff Accident Law Office have won millions of dollars in compensation for California residents who purchased a truck with serious problems within the first few years of ownership. We strive to provide each client with individualized, personal attention based on their specific case details. 

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