The Value of Lawyer’s Assistance Following Denial of Settlement Compensation

An insurance company could decide to deny delivery of an anticipated compensation, if it had noted problems with the submitted paperwork. Some companies also pursue efforts that seek to blur the eyes of the claimant. In other words, some companies do not hesitate to engage in bad faith practices.

Possible problems with paperwork

Claims that a submitted form lacks all the requested information: Insurance companies welcome a wealth of information, because that provides the adjuster with more facts to study.

Allegations that some of the submitted facts were incorrect

—Those might refer to details about one or more of the reported injuries
—Those could suggest the existence of shared fault: The amount of money owed by the defendant might be reduced, if an adjuster could claim that the evidence had suggested that the victim was partly to blame.
—Those could question the exact nature or location of the reported damage.

An absence of any verification, regarding the claimant’s lost wages, or verification about the quantity of the profits for a claimant that was self-employed.

On occasion, some of the submitted forms could get misplaced.

Possible instances of an insurance company’s bad faith

Issuing a denial of compensation, without providing the claimant with any explanation, regarding the reasons for that unexpected decision.

Refusing to accept any calls made to the insurance company, after having informed the claimant about the denial of compensation. Failing to provide confused claimants with any further information, due to a cut-off of communications. This same tactic could be used following the receipt of a demand letter; it would delay further progress within the claims process.

Methods that claimant should consider using, in order to reduce the chances for any of the problems that have been mentioned above

Work with a lawyer to compose a well-written demand letter. Offer a logical reason for the presented demand. Seek guidance on possible benefit to attaching photograph of damage to demand letter.

Hire a personal injury lawyer in Thousand Oaks, if the adjuster has come forward with a low-ball offer. Lawyers can guide claimants, regarding how to respond to such an offer. A lawyer’s guidance should help with formulation of a reasonable counteroffer.

Appreciate how to make use of an attorney’s role, during dealings with the insurance company

—An attorney has negotiating skills that the claimant might not possess, or might not have practiced to the same degree as a hired lawyer.
—An attorney could help with gathering and preserving useful and convincing evidence.
—An attorney’s support should alert the insurance company to a claimant’s access to a proven means for taking forceful action. One possible action would involve the initiation of a lawsuit, with the insurance company as the sued party.

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