Significance of Police Report

The facts found in the relevant police report could help a car accident victim to win his/her auto accident claim.

Are all drivers that have become involved in a car accident required to call the police?

Most states do ask the driver to call the police, if the level of damage has exceeded a certain level, as per personal injury lawyer in Arcadia.

How drivers benefit from calling the police

Once the officer has arrived, he/she can request the arrival of an emergency response team. That action increases the chances that investigators will look into the cause of the accident’s occurrence, and the officers will document the incident.

The facts reported by the arriving officers can speed the rate at which the claims process moves forward.

Circumstances that should spur a motorist to request the appearance of those officers on patrol

Someone was injured. The amount of damage has exceeded a given level, normally one that was established by the State.

Thinking that other driver is at-fault: That is especially true if it looks as though the other driver’s view differs from yours.

Thinking that the other driver has committed a traffic violation.

What could happen if you failed to request the appearance of a patrol officer?

There would be no way to protect the accident scene, and to preserve the evidence. The other party might say that you were to blame, and you might lack any witnesses. When an officer has arrived at the scene, he or she could search for a witness.

What action by the other motorist could suggest that he/she was apt to say that you should be blamed for the accident?

Some drivers pretend to have suffered a whiplashing during the minutes that follow the collision. Their hands get placed behind their neck, and they claim to be in pain. The pains created by a whiplashing normally start a day or more after the accident.

Some motorists travel with a prop, such as a cane. Then, if there is even a minor collision, the person with the cane pops out of his/her vehicle and pretends to have an aggravated injury.

Do insurance companies prefer to have their policyholders placing a call to a police station, when involved in an accident?

Yes, an insurance company wants to learn about any time that one of its policyholders has collided with someone else that was on the road. You should always call your insurance company, if you have been involved in any sort of collision.

You can never know for sure whether or not the other party might report the incident, and claim to have sustained an injury. That could make you look at-fault, even if you were not responsible for causing that incident.

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