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The environment is a concern to many people. Yet, although many people may be environmentally conscious, they are equally as conscious about the need to save money. This is why public transit is often so popular. It’s a convenient way to be environmentally friendly and its usually affordable to the average person.

Public transit means that an individual doesn’t have to buy and maintain a vehicle. Multiple people using public transit means that there are fewer vehicles on the road shooting out toxic emissions. These are all good things. The downside is that as the numbers of people using public transit increase, so do the number of public transit accidents in California. The cities are seeing an increase in these types of accidents. Many people experience only minor injuries like bumps and bruises. Others experience more serious injuries.

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For those who have got serious injuries due to an accident in a bus or other modes of public transport, the impact on their daily lives in significant. The good news is that if this has happened to you or a loved one, you don’t need to suffer in silence. You may be eligible to be awarded compensation for your injuries, and hiring a skilled personal injury lawyer from Braff Accident Law Offices to represent you will increase the likelihood of you getting any compensation you deserve.

Braff Accident Law Offices is a California-based personal injury law firm and we’re here to help you. We have many years of experience in personal injury law including public transit accidents and are always prepared to litigate and negotiate for you in and out of court.

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Public transit accidents, like any accident, have the potential to leave you with severe injuries and can turn fatal. It’s even possible that such an accident is catastrophic. Even a minor accident can disrupt your entire life, while a more serious one can take years to recover from, if full recovery is even possible. The whole experience can be very traumatic. Braff Accident Law Offices understands this. We stand up for our clients and want our clients to focus on healing and recovery. That is why with our firm, you never have to worry about legal processes or requisite documentation.

It’s important to have a personal injury lawyer skilled in public transit accidents. These types of cases have the potential to be very complex and often end up in the courtrooms, if an out of court settlement is not possible. For example, a public transit accident personal injury claim needs to be filed within the timeline to be considered for any type of compensation.

When a person is injured, stressed and overwhelmed, it’s easy to forget or miss such important dates. Braff Accident Law Offices takes that responsibility away from you and will handle your claim procedure to ensure the liable parties are held responsible, so that you can focus on healing.

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