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At Braff Accident Law Offices, we are highly skilled personal injury lawyers that have handled injury claims and represented a host of clients all over California, who have been afflicted with orthopedic injuries that have had a significant negative impact on their lives.

These types of injuries can be very debilitating. They affect the nerves, muscles and joints. Generally, there are fractures. The tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles that support the skeletal system in your body can be severely damages. If bones are displaced enough, there could be nerve or soft tissue damage that may never heal back to its original state.

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Orthopedic Injuries that are Common

Left improperly treated, an orthopedic injury can leave a person with ongoing pain and limited mobility. Even properly treated, if the injury is severe enough, the person may never regain the mobility they lost and will need to live with functional restrictions for the rest of their lives. Our firm is committed to providing support and compassionate approach apart from ensuring that they get the right treatment to recover the best they can. This requires money. Braff Accident Law Offices fights to make sure our clients receive the compensation they deserve so that they can heal as fully as possible.

Our team has seen severe injuries that have caused chronic pain and lifelong disability or limited mobility due to the injuries. We have helped them live as normal a life as possible. These types of injuries include an enhanced risk of arthritis, muscle weakness and decreased range of motion. Examples of orthopedic injuries include:

Sprains and strain can heal quickly, depending on the severity of the strain or sprain. Other injuries are more likely to cause permanent problems such as chronic pain and limited mobility. A skilled personal injury lawyer will make sure that you, as the victim, get the compensation necessary to ensure you get the required ongoing treatment and care.

Reasons for Orthopedic Injuries at are Commo

The cause of orthopedic injuries can be an extensive list. Some types of accidents and mishaps have a higher risk of causing these types of accidents. Slip and fall accidents, sports injuries, physical assaults, motor vehicle accidents are a few situations where a person may experience an orthopedic injury. When it comes to injuries of the bones and the bones connecting tissues, these types of injuries often have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. Orthopedic injuries affect a victim’s ability to do the following:

Braff Accident Law Offices is committed to making sure that all of our clients reach “maximum medical improvement.” Our legal team wants our clients to make a full recovery wherever possible. In order to do this, it essential that the victim receive requisite diagnosis and treatment for their orthopedic injury.

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