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If you have ever come across any vehicle that is marked as a “lemon,” then we are here to help you. Braff Accident Law Offices won’t charge you any cost for our consultations. Our team of Lemon law attorneys in Thousand Oaks have the proper experience, knowledge, and resources to help you procure a winning settlement or verdict. If you think that you were sold a “lemon,” and your vehicle is defective, then we are ready to help you provide the best response.

It is true that taking legal action against an automobile giant will not just be costly but also an overwhelming experience. You can be sure that the automobile manufacturers will have a complete team of legal helpers to represent their case. So, you will need a legal team that is nothing less than lemon law pros to help represent your case. Our team has the needed experience and skills used for winning the case on your behalf.

Braff Accident Law Offices believes that pursuing a claim against the manufacturer might become daunting financially. That’s why we won’t charge our clients any money. The California Lemon law includes the attorney’s fee which will help us to move directly towards the manufacturer to cover the cost. It is only after winning your case that we will be paid.

In general terms, in case a dealership fails to repair your vehicle, be it a SUV, truck, car, or another, within that “reasonable” number of repairing attempts, and within the warranty zone, then you can always enjoy a claim under the California Lemon Law.

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What kind of vehicles will remain covered?

Used, leased or new vehicles are represented with the same level of protection in case the vehicle is repaired for issues covered under the warranty period of the original manufacturer.

What will the process cost me?

Well, the simple answer is nothing. As per the California Lemon Law, Braff Accident Law Offices will only be paid after we have won the case for you. So, it is the manufacturer who will be paying for our attorney’s fees.

Why choose us?

Our team of lemon law attorneys in Thousand Oaks are known to deal with California Lemon Law claims exclusively. We concentrate solely on the California Lemon Law claims and are well versed with the law’s complexities. So, we offer exceptional services, as asked for.

How long will the process take to show some answers?

Most of the cases won’t take much time to resolve and will get settled within a few months. But we are not likely to “guarantee” a quicker solution. The actual time is subject to vary, depending on the complexity of the case.

Most of the auto manufacturers are global names and pay their legal team well to ward off claims and lawsuits. That is why it is easy for them to use pressure-tactics with consumers that bring a lawsuit without the assistance of a lawyer in Thousand Oaks. And if you are looking to seek a replacement or refund on your defective vehicle, allow our astute team of lawyers to represent your case.

What kind of help can you get from our side?

Join us as we offer the best lemon law legal service if you reside in California. We offer free consultation services over the telephone. We will get hands-on with your documents as presented to us via fax, mail, or e-mail.

Do you consider your vehicle to be a Lemon?

There are some questions you need to ask. Based on the answers, you can come across the verdict of whether you own a lemon or not. Join us for a free consultation any time!

After reviewing your documents, we will contact you immediately and discuss the potential case with you. Once Braff Accident Law Offices have accepted your case, we will send you a Letter of Presentation agreement. It will clearly define our terms and conditions. Once you sent us back the signed agreement letter, it is time for us to go to work on your case.

Not only will we pool in resources, but we’ll ensure that all bases are covered so that the auto manufacturer has no excuse to not agree to refund or replace your current vehicle.

We will make this experience convenient for you. The Braff Accident Law Offices will help you to cut through the red tape. Once you have made the decision of turning your auto problems over to us, it is a sign for us to do our job and get back to you with a solution quickly. In case we need to cover a meeting, we will cover travel arrangements to come and meet you without any added cost from your side.
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