Injuries That Happen During School-Sponsored Activity

If a parent’s son or daughter were to get injured while taking part in a school-sponsored sporting event, or during a service-learning activity, that same parent might care to know what actions he or she ought to take.

Suggested actions for parents

Within 60-90 days of the injury-causing incident, provide the District with notice of intentions to file a claim.

—In that notice outline the events that caused the injury. Refer to the acts of negligence.
—Describe the student’s injuries
—State a demand

Wait for completion of an investigation. If no action, the student’s parents have a legal right to file a lawsuit.

Smart parents would consult with an injury attorney in Hayward, before filing a complaint with the court.

Questions a parent could raise, if student were injured while taking part in school-sponsored sports activity

Had the coach provided a suitable level of supervision?

Had the students been given the appropriate equipment? Was it safe and free of any defect?

Questions a parent could raise, if accident had taken place while the students were on a school bus

Had the driver been trained properly?

Were there any defects on the bus, or on any of the bus’ components?

Had there been adequate supervision of the students that were riding the bus?

Had a student been harmed by the actions of a bully? The parents could press charges, if the school had reason to suspect that bullying could take place on the bus.

Questions parents could ask, if accident had taken place during a service-learning activity?

Had the teacher taken time to get an adequate amount of information on the location of that particular activity?

Had the teacher taken the time to obtain details on the exact nature of the planned activity?

Had the District arranged for the teachers to receive some training on the purpose behind students’ involvement in a service-learning activity? Had the District arranged for any parents to gain an insight into the benefits delivered to students that have taken part in a service-learning activity?

Had the teacher sought permission from each student’s parent(s), before moving ahead with plans for any trip away from the campus?

What personal injury lawyers should know about service-learning activities.

It is supposed to provide student with the chance to learn some useful skill or fact, while engaged in a worthwhile service project. The organizations that offered lectures on the program’s purpose, also reached out to parents, who had worried about the students’ safety.

Most of the injuries sustained during the negligence of the school or a supervisor come under tort laws and parents have the right to sue the negligent persona that led to their child or children get hurt.

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