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In the United States, the Lemon law has been brought into effect in order to protect the consumers who have bought products that suffer from the defects which are covered by warranty and cannot be repaired despite a reasonable number of attempts. Under the Lemon law, the manufacturers, and warranters of the consumer goods (including vehicles) must repurchase or replace a defective consumer product or must refund a consumer for their financial losses.

The products are termed as ‘lemon’. If you buy a lemon, then you are entitled to –

To provide the consumers with additional protection, the attorney fees and legal costs must be paid by a manufacturer. There is no need for the consumers to pay for these additional expenses. Due to this provision, it has become possible for the consumers to retain the service of experienced and skilled Lemon law lawyers in Hayward without worrying about additional expenditures.

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With years of experience in handling Lemon law claims, we are qualified to serve the consumers, who bought or leased cars, RV, motorcycles, boats, or other vehicles that qualify under the Lemon law. After successfully handling hundreds of Lemon claims, Braff Accident Law Offices boast of having unmatched expertise in this field and are qualified to handle the claims involving all types of vehicles.

Some of the Lemon law claims handled by us went to mediation and some of them went to arbitration or trial. We have been able to recover fair compensation for our clients in almost all scenarios. We are not hesitant to file a lawsuit and secure fair compensation for our clients if necessary. Contact us for an initial consultation with an experienced Lemon law attorney in Hayward

Common Vehicle Defects Covered by Lemon Law

A vehicle must remain in flawless condition when it is being sold to a consumer by an authorized dealer. It must be inspected by a professional before being sold in order to ensure the safety of the consumers and to ensure their flawless performance. However, if your vehicle malfunctions within a few years of purchasing or leasing it, then it attests to the fact that a dealer or manufacturer did not properly inspect a vehicles’ condition before selling it.

A defective vehicle will cost your time and money alongside putting your safety at risk. Some of the common vehicle defects are:

If you notice these problems after purchasing or leasing a vehicle, then contact our experienced Lemon law attorneys as soon as possible. We will fight against the auto-manufacturing company to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your troubles and your financial losses. We demand no legal fees or legal costs from our clients. Lemon Law Attorneys in Hayward ensure that the manufacturing company pays the legal fee and legal costs to protect our clients from additional expenditures.

Lemon Law for Both New and Pre-owned Vehicles

Both new and pre-owned vehicles are covered by the Lemon law. However, the rules are different for used vehicles and new vehicles. We can explain the Lemon law in detail when you consult with us.

Warranty is Important for Pre-Owned Vehicles

A pre-owned vehicle which is under manufacturer’s warranty or dealer’s warranty will be covered by the Lemon law. The ‘consumer rights’ law does not extend to a pre-owned vehicle without either of these warranties.

A pre-owned vehicle must be bought or leased from an authorized dealer in order to be covered by the Lemon law.

Lemon Law Rules for New Vehicles

The owners or lessees can file a Lemon law claim if the defects are covered under the warranty and have not resulted from the misuse of a vehicle. The Lemon law covers different types of new vehicles, such as car, van, SUV, truck, and RV. During the initial consultation, we will discuss your options with regards to pursuing the remedy after evaluating your situation.

Number of Repair Attempts to Be Made before a Vehicle is Considered a Lemon

Under the Lemon Law, you may ask for the replacement of a defective vehicle or refund of your money if an authorized dealer or manufacturer has made a reasonable number of attempts to repair a defect that is covered by warranty. How many attempts are going to be considered ‘reasonable’ depends upon the situation. Therefore, it is prudent to consult with experienced attorneys of Braff Accident Law Offices in Hayward.

Does Your Vehicle Qualifies as a Lemon?

A new vehicle must satisfy the following conditions in order to qualify as a ‘lemon’:

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