Evidence Needed from Victim of Commercial Trucking Accident

Without good evidence, the victim of a commercial trucking accident should not expect to win any submitted claim.

Questions that should be posed by the victim’s lawyer

What were the demands on the driver? Did drivers that worked for the same company always have to exceed the speed limit, in order to satisfy their employer?

Had the truck been inspected. The trucking company is supposed to arrange for such an inspection, before assigning any of its vehicles to one of its employees/drivers.

Did the company inspect both the truck and the cargo?

Should the injury lawyer in Thousand Oaks introduce an expert?

Some experts have learned how to translate all the information in the driver’s log book. That information could include details on the relevant GPS coordinates, and on the loaded items.

Some experts have learned how to interpret the readings from the black box. Special computer software gets used to take those same readings. An expert understands how the computer software works

The lawyer’s argument should work to highlight the significance of the presented evidence.

If an attorney wanted to convince the jury that the driver had been trying to satisfy the demands of an employer, he or she would need to seek the findings of an expert. A translation of the log book could offer a clue, concerning the demands that the trucking company had put on its employees.

If an attorney wanted to challenge the suitability of the road conditions on the trucker’s assigned route, he or she would do well to travel the same route at the same hour of the accident. That action might reveal a problem with the lighting conditions in the area of a noteworthy traffic sign. That finding would suggest that the governmental body in charge of the area’s road maintenance could be blamed for the commercial trucking accident.

An attorney’s argument might also include mention of the workloads at the various repair shops along the trucker’s route. Of course, no one could learn about those shops by traveling that route at night; a daytime journey would have to be scheduled.

Still, that extra trip could prove beneficial. A shop with an especially heavy load could feel pressured to take some short cuts. The performance of such short cuts could compromise the quality of the work completed by the mechanics.

It isn’t easy to gather the evidence for presentation at a trial for a commercial trucking accident. However, a collection of such evidence could add strength to any argument that might be made by a retained attorney. In other words, no victim should feel that he or she has no chance for winning any personal injury case that might arise from such an accident.

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